Energy from Evapotranspiration

“Energy from Evapotranspiration” is a research which investigates the possibilities to generate energy by utilizing evapotranspiration. At first we need a closed space (light blue) in which a tree (green) is planted. The tree draws groundwater (blue) from the soil, it carries through the trunk and branches to the leaves where it evaporates. The vaporized water is, as much as possible, collected on the ceiling, in the form of condensate. Enough condensate forms droplets which will run in the reservoir along the ceiling. When the pipes are full of water, the pressure can be converted into electricity (yellow) using a water turbine. Then the water will infiltrate through the bottom (brown) and rejoin the groundwater.

The assignment was to create two impressions that visualize the research. I decided to create a day and night scene so the effect of the evapotranspiration can also be shown.

This is a graduation project from Conner Meiboom. For more information contact him at

the project is presented at energy venture lab and philips innovation award 

Pw = p g ΔH Q
p = 1000kg/m³
g = 9,81m/s²
ΔH ≥ 10m
Q1 = ?m³/s
Q2 = 2,535 x 10 – 6 m³/s
80 m / jaar (800mm neerslag p/j x constructie van 10m x 10m)
ƞturbine = 0,7
ƞopvang condens = 0,5
P[kW] = 34335 xx Q + 0,174

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