Den Haag – Vroondaal

Birdview – made by Diederik Vane / BGSV

BGSV made an urban plan for the redevelopment of the residential area Vroondaal in commission for the municipality Vroondaal. The task was to determine the unique qualities with renewed and extended properties for the residential areas around Park Madestein. BGSV worked on the public spaces and the quality plan of Vroondaal Zuid after the urban development plan was finished.

The first impression is a birdview that was used to present the develepmont plan and sell the parcels of the plan.

Below you can find two impressions that were made in an early stage of the project. The goal was to find out how the public space in between the dwellings could be designed and give a quick feeling of the spatial volumes.

more info at the projectwebsite from BGSV


Night impression – made by Diederik Vane / BGSV

Impression – made by Diederik Vane / BGSV



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