Liege Guillemins, City Boulevard

Bird view impression of the site area

Liege is an industrial city in Beglium, Europe. The city has a large history of mining and steel industry but after the second world war, the oil crisis in 1980 and the current economic crisis the mining industry could not compete with the surrounding cities anymore.
Now Liege lays in a very well oriented place in Belgium. easy accessible infrastructure, good connections with the ‘Ruhr area’ of germany and the harbours of west Holland/Belgium. Besides that the city unites with a beautiful forest called the ‘Ardennen’’.
With all these qualities on international level Liege has the oppurtunity to become a city that matters.
On the regional scale Liege should stop trying to compete with the surrounding cities and start creating its own unique eoconomic trade mark. The question is, what should she focus on?


Connect Liege to the High scale network, let the suburbs and outer villages participate in the economic system of Liege and find an identity for the district Guillemins which is currently missing.

When we go to our planning area, where we have to make a Design for the district ‘Guillemins’, we see that there falls a gap here. A blanc place with a million possibilities to fill the whole that arised in the past.
A new train station from the famous architect Calatrava highlights these problems, the problem that the city should start mattering again.
The plan i created is to fill up the gap in Guillemins, which reacts to the district context, but also to the huge, impressive new train station. A Business District. Something the whole city doesn’t have yet and could place Liege back on the map, and back on track.


Parcelling plan of the site

Section cut where you see the routing and inner areas of the building blocks

Section cut where you see the routing and inner areas of the building blocks


Birdview of the business district design in Liege Guillemins

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