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In the past I have created a few websites using the content management system WordPress. Below you can find the ones i like best. Although I am not an IT-guy, having some knowledge of HTML and CSS programming gives me an advantage in similar topics in the Urban Design workfield.

De Tuinfabriek is a dutch landscape architecture office owned by Mirella Schout. She was in need of a new website and came to me for a design. The assignment was to look for a theme, design it as wanted and manage the content of her portfolio.

The end result can be found at

Z|B+A Architects and planners is a website made with Worpess for a collaboration between Ziegler|Branderhorst urban design and architecture and an architecture office in India. This way both the offices are provided with a more international appearance and are able to provide each other with work.

You can watch the website at

Wooncoop Westersingel is a cooperation founded by Franz Ziegler from Ziegler|Branderhorst. This project website is meant to create a foundation with the Westersingel residents. The Westersingel is a highly centered and beautiful street in Rottrerdam. The cooperation is for people who are interested in living in a well attainable, collective and sustainable building. By creating a foundation the cooperation can get an advantage in deciding and designing the future of the building you see in the picture. It is currently owned by the municipality of Rotterdam but has doubtful conditions. The Westersingel cooperation wants to have influence in the future of the building so the living conditions and social feelings that are part of the Westersingel neighbourhood can be remained.

If you are interested or would like to join the cooperation take a look at WoonCOOP Westersingel

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