A Modern Cemetery

Cities grow, population grows, but which way will it go? The pressure on cemeteries is increasing drastically and the question that comes with this fact is how will we deal with this pressure, where can we say goodbye to our loved ones in the future?

Analysis of the history of burials

The modern city and her focus on growth is of negative influence to the cemeteries. Throughout the years a pattern can be found on the movement of our burial grounds. They dissapeare, shrink, move or are catched up by the fysical city. “nobody wants to live next to the reaper” is what most people think. The modern society makes room for the living but forgets death and that is something that needs to change.

Analysis of Katendrecht

Concluding site possibilities after an analysis of Rotterdam

This research is about the value of death and the oppurtunities that a city can offer to death. The goal is to create a supporting platform by using the funerairy function of cemeteries and combine this with a function that responds to a form of collectivity. First this platform will make it possible to return the death and its cemeteries to the center of the city, as it happened when the churches ruled till 1800. Second, it will generate a quality impuls and fundament on a bigger scale so the context will also be involved.

Design for the site. Left the burial tower, and right the park leading to it.

Another goodbye…

A modern cemetery..

Built on the most beautiful place of Rotterdam, with waves splasing on the shore, a view all over the city and a spatial place that connects the context to assemble the individuality of the cemetery and the collectivism of the whole society.

Section cut of the tower routes and parking garage


This project was a graduation project for my study. The idea of the topic and help during the design process came from Servie Boetzkes from Atelier Boetzkes architecture.

If you want to read more about this project, please send me an e-mail and I will share and discuss my graduation project with you.

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  • Jose Temothy P. Trapal
    30 juni 2017 bij 04:02

    Good Day Sir.

    I have quite similar topic with your work on my Thesis Proposal. I would like to ask your permission if I could use your work in my Review of Related Literature.

    • diederik vane
      17 december 2017 bij 09:30

      Hi Jose,

      thanks for asking (and sorry for the late response), of course you can. please be inspired and good luck on your thesis.

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