Streetwise – connector3000

[first project at the Rotterdam academy of architecture, finished with 3rd place best poster and rated with an 8.5 / If you want to know more about this project, please send me an e-mail and I will share and discuss my  project with you in high quality.] 


A city is a living organism and dies without good flow. If slow traffic connections are interrupted, an operation is necessary. The solution is an urban connection, a combination of a bridge and a building that heals and improves. The Connector3000.

“The residential building, which functions as a pump, creates human flow on the bridge.”




The car is a dominant vehicle in many cities. The human dimension is missing. This can be seen in large inner-city traffic breaches that improve the accessibility of the car. The purpose of the Connector3000 is to reverse the hierarchy in traffic. Where the car now takes precedence, the pedestrian must be the most important. This assignment starts at street level.

The design consists of two parts, a bridge and a (new or existing) building. The intention is that these two integrate and work together. This creates a second, raised ground level. A new entrance of the building is located on the city bridge and creates a flow of residents and visitors.

Besides the lack of human scale, there is also a lack of living space for young people inside the cities. They are driven out of the center by the very high rents. It is precisely this target group that makes a city lively and deserves a place in the center.

The prototype has been tested and proven in various cities. Hamburg, Rotterdam, Gdansk and Berlin turned out to be suitable locations. In these cities you encounter the same principles. Qualitative urban spaces that are cut through by major traffic infrastructure and the lack of young people in the inner city.

The bridge and the residential tower provide a change in traffic flows. The residential program, which functions as a pump, creates flow on the bridge. Where the bridge lands are the places where impulses arise.
Dynamics also exist in the tower itself. A gradient from public to private has been created. The ground floor, where the building block and bridge come together, has a public character and is open for all city inhabitants. The public part consists of multiple stairs, seating furniture and greenery. The first floor adjacent to the bridge is semi-public. Here is a shared hall with an exhibition area for the students. There are collective study spaces above it. Finally, the tower consists of residential studios with shared facilities. The higher you come the larger and more private facilities the studio gets.

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