Energy district Leeuwarden


It nije gesicht, wêr’t nei it wurk noflik rêstjen is. 

(The new face, where after work it is pleasant to rest.)

In this design, Leeuwarden is profiling itself as an energy district. An integration of technology, hard work and innovation. #Frontline facilitates a strong business climate for companies in the energy sector. The design ensures a clear city entrance and generates a city impulse with more education and international tourism as a result.





The New Face, “#Frontline” is an innovative functional district that offers opportunities for research, design and development of the energy transition. The area becomes transparent, recognizable, and dynamic. A place where prototypes of windmills and solar cells are visibly made and where the importance of geo-, wind and solar energy becomes clear. The area will have an industrial and green city entrance that is connected to the other campuses, the historic center and the Zwette.
The area facilitates innovation, production, knowledge and sufficient workforce. This makes it an interesting business climate for many companies. In addition to the industry, the area is intensified with residential facilities.

The design forms a transformation of provincial interest, which puts Leeuwarden back on the map nationally and internationally

#Frontline reconnects the city, gives it new meaning and forms a clear entrance for the city.



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