City intimacies

City Intimacies

a reorganization of the Red Light District in Amsterdam


200,000 people take the exit from the Damrak to a specific district. The red light district.

What fascinated me was the brave attempt of many other services; restaurants, creative workshops and the beautiful old church that can not compete with the dynamics of the Red Light District.

Crime, waste, mass tourism and drugs predominate. In addition, the government is terrified to lose its grip with angry sex workers as a result. This results in a lack of space, no possibility for growth and bad working conditions.

The city of Amsterdam tries to keep most of the tourists (around one million each year) on the red carpet. This is a route between Amsterdam Central station and the museum square. Tourist attractions are located alongside this route.
However, the red lights form a tourist attraction that lures the tourist off this path.They spread through the eastern part of the city center. Stumble along canals and through alleys until they reach the new market. Then all orientation has disappeared and they wander further. This is at the expense of the living quality.

We must make better use of the red carpet and prevent the spreading. This can be done by clustering prostitution. By clustering, space arises in the former prostitution areas. Amsterdam families are currently leaving the city. There is a great need for family typologies. These development areas can be transformed.

By clustering on the inside of a building block, the surrounding canals, which are often used as a route for the Amsterdam resident, are calm again and could turn into a pleasant space for parents with children and other services. The tourist will have the opportunity have a quick view of the new Red Light District. There is one entrance that ensures that tourists return to the Damrak. Because of this, the plan steers the tourist.


The clustering of the Red Light District will become a somewhat hidden place. Reinforcing this with ingredients obtained from research about city secrets we can provide a diffuse layer in the design. This way clients can disappear from prostitution without any loss of face.This main square forms the short route for the tourist that only came for the looks. A second route leads you past the prostitutes. Instead of being open and organized, this route is narrow, intimate and adventurous. Inspired by the characteristic Dutch window prostitution.

Leading in the design are the variation in size, roof heights and alignment.
The reorganization of the Red Light District reduces the sphere of influence from 130,000 m2 to 10,000 m2. There is a wonderful wandering domain for the sex workers and her guests. The rooms are more spacious in this plan and thus improve the working conditions.






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